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The medical profession does not put much value on any specific individual's personal experience with some treatment as scientific.  While it is true that controlled studies remove individual anomalies and give a more reliable view of the normal or general, it is ironic that anecdotal evidence is scoffed at while treating individuals is what medicine is all about!

In any case, our objective for Cforyourself is to provide information (the rest of the site) and a forum for individuals to share their experiences with specific diseases and Vitamin C.  Your participation is encouraged.  Please be assured that your identity will be kept as confidential as you wish. To share your experiences please click the "Go To Form" button below or just send us an e-mail from any of the e-mail links at the bottom of every page


Submitted by: Brad Roberts

Date: April 10, 2008

Hi Rusty

I have been using vitamin C at optimum levels for 15 years. It has been a miraculous benefit to the health of my family in so many ways.However one problem it failed to help me recover from was sinusitis. With daily dosage of 50 grams+ for long periods of time the symptoms were moderated greatly but was not able rid me of the infection. Antibiotics was a last resort ,but to my disappointment there affect was also temporary. I became obsessed with finding a permanent cure. I researched and tried many so called cures without success until I found what I can only describe as the second best health secret next to Vitamin C namely colloidal silver.

A nasal solution of 10-15 ppm sprayed every hour or two for 48-72 hours and all symptoms were gone a absolute miracle after suffering such debilitation for almost two years.I have shared this remedy with others since and they to have had the same miraculous results.

The combined affect of vitamin C and colloidal silver is truly powerful. So many could be helped so easily and inexpensively by its use for so many health related issues if only it were accepted by the medical establishment. The internet and forums like yours are great means to sharing such information.

Best Regards
Brad Roberts

Submitted by: Michael W, San Antonio TX

Date: September 24, 2003

I have been a sufferer of chronic sinusitis and other infections for years, and it wasn't until I read through this site and several others that I decided to give Vitamin C a real attempt. I picked up a bottle of 1000mg Vitamin C pills and started taking one every 15 minutes throughout the day during an illness back in June of 2003. On the first day I did notice some excessive flatulence, most likely due to the vitamin C helping to kill off various toxic elements in my body. I did notice towards the end of the VERY FIRST DAY that my symptoms of sinusitis, even my ALLERGIES began to lessen, even my temperature was lowering as I continued to take the vitamin C. I kept going with the regimen for a few days until I hit my tolerance on the third day (I guess my body was healing enough that it did not need quite so much vitamin C anymore), so I slowed down to 1 gram every 30 minutes.

Nowadays I take at least 12 grams of vitamin C throughout a normal day, and when I feel sickness coming on I bump up the regimen, and while it is not an instant cure, it surely does ease the symptoms and speeds up recovery time. It is of particular note, that since I have started this vitamin C regimen, I have not suffered a single further sinus infection, or infection of any other kind. The vitamin C has kept me from needing to see the doctor (I was previously notorious for going to the doctor EVERY month for yet another infection of some type) and take yet another course of some strange exotic sounding new antibiotic.

(I believe many more people could experience the spectacular results Michael describes if they would only take as much vitamin C as their body's require. Rusty)

Submitted by: Sondra C, Florida

Date: November 5, 2001

I am a very young 70 year old. I have been suffering from constant sinus infections for years, and if it went untreated, I ended up with fever and once got pneumonia. I had to constantly keep and use antibiotics when I felt the onset of the sinus infection.
I started taking what I felt were mega doses of vitamins, 1000 mg vitamin C or Vit E and also 1000 mg of vitamin C. I started this dosage a year and a half ago. That was the last time that I had to refill my antibiotic prescription.  I have not had a cold or sinus infection since I started taking vitamin C. Recently because I read your article I started taking 250 mgs a day more, but since the 1000 mgs did the trick I wonder why I should take more.
I told my grandkids to take the vitamin C and they have started taking it also.

Submitted by: Mikie Hayes

Date: December 4, 2001

I just wanted to take an opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the valuable and comprehensive information that you provide. It proved to be very helpful to me. After three courses of antibiotics, I still had tremendous sinus pain from an infection that would not clear up. It was so bad yesterday, when I walked, every step felt like I was being hit in the head with a mallet.

I was desperate and went on line to seek some natural alternatives to yet another course of antibiotics, and stumbled upon your web-page. I immediately left my office, went to my health food store and bought Bio-Active C Ascorbates Powder (2000mg per tsp.) and started mixing 1 1/2 tsp. in orange juice every three hours - for a total yesterday of 13,000mg (I had already taken 1000mg that a.m.). I also drank plenty of additional water. This morning, I have finally (thankfully) turned the corner. Some may feel that this is too fast to be able to attribute to the C, I would strongly argue that point.

I plan to continue to take this form of C and would like to work up to a tolerable limit. I have forwarded your page to friends - many of whom are health care providers.

Thank you again, Mikie Hayes

Submitted by: Bill (on the Message Board)

Date: September 3, 2001

After 10 years of antibiotic treatment for sinusitis, I started using vitamin c in doses of 10 to 18 grams per day. Within a few weeks my problems began to vanish I have not taken an antibiotic in the last 2 and 1/2 years.

Submitted by: Eric Lloyd

Date: November 19, 1999

I wanted to give you my feedback.  About a year ago I had been suffering from Sinus infections, and sinus distress.  I found taking up to 50 grams helped a lot.  At times it was the only dependable way to get relief.

In addition to the C, and I began taking Quercetin (2,000 mg a day) and it brought my bowel tolerance  for vitamin C down to 10-20 grams.  I added 400 mg of Selenium to the vitamins I take, and this helped to bring down my bowel tolerance further to about 8-12 grams.  The three used in conjunction are fabulous for any type of allergy, or viral condition, the only reason I'm alive today is because of this.

About 2 months ago I got a bad case of Strep Throat. I was able to ride it out with Vitamin C and my other herbs, and my body cured itself.  I had been on antibiotics monthly, and I've been off of them for a year.  I cannot express enough how great this is.

I want to thank you personally for getting the word out. I try to tell everyone about Vitamin C.  I have all my friends taking 2,000 mg + (some as much at 20,000 mg) and they have seen a dramatic improvement in their health as well.

Sincere thanks,

Eric Lloyd



Submitted by: halterb

Date: May 2, 1999

Saw your post on the nutrition NG. I have had bad sinus problems. Multiple courses of antibiotics, steroid inhalers, constant headaches, etc. CT scans confirmed the problems. Was on the verge of last resort surgery.

I had been taking 250 C per day, then ran it up to 750 with little results. However, when I went to 2000 to 3000 daily there was a dramatic change, in fact the condition seems to be almost totally resolved! I also added some bioflavonoids when my sinuses were most acute (understanding C really needs bioflavonoids to function properly) although since dropped them.


Submitted by: Rick Trupp

Date: April 10, 1999

Please be advised that I have recently had unbelievably excellent results with 1000 mgs. of time released Vitamin C per day. I have had allergies (hay fever) and sinus trouble most of my life. I am thunderstruck as to why any doctor has never suggested Vitamin C to dry up my runny nose, post nasal drip, catarrh, and phlegm.  Instead I've taken Flonase, Benedryl, and a host of other medicines for many years. 

After a recent bout of bronchitis that Zithromax and Cefclor didn't help, I finally recovered but still had this forever present ongoing drainage of clear mucus from my sinus area down into my throat and  chest.  Just to explore all my options, I tried the time released Vitamin C ( chewable tablets don't seem to agree with my system) in the hope that it would act as the natural antihistamine it is purported to be.  To my complete amazement, I don't have any post nasal drip or any of the ensuing problems.  Furthermore, I really feel healthy and allergy free. I don't take any other supplements, just the Vitamin C, and am TOTALLY symptom free and feeling terrific.

A great study would be to monitor the health and survival details of several specific groups. One being regular users of a gram or over of Vitamin C per day, the next being smaller amount regular users of Vitamin C; and lastly people that don't take Vitamin C at all. I'll bet the higher end Vitamin C people enjoy far better health and longer lifespans  than the non usage sector.

Best Regards,  Rick Trupp

(Such a study was undertaken and the results published.  I mention the conclusion on my home page: Those with higher plasma levels [content of C in the blood] lived six years longer than those with lower levels, Rusty)

Submitted by: Rosana Datti

Date: January 28, 1999

Hello.  I have had a sinus infection for about 8 years and tried several antibiotic treatments w/o success.  I have been taking C for about three weeks now.  What got me started taking C was the fact that I literally got tired of being treated for my sinus infection by traditional medicine. For the past eight years I lost count of how many different antibiotics I was prescribed.  The latest one which I took for the entire month of December was Augmentin.  I actually felt worse.  I was just about ready to call my doctor for another appointment when I came across the book "Sinus Survival" by Robert S. Ivker.  He recommends 15g of C and also a multiple plus extra Beta-carotene, E, B6, Se, And Zn. I found relief within a week of doing this. However I decided to increase the intake of C after finding a site on Dr. Pauling and later on, your site.

Oddly enough my stomach has been ok so far with me taking C in pill form. I take 20 a day. They are 1.5g each.  Since starting on the C therapy I have been feeling progressively better. It's almost too good to believe! I started with 15g a day for one week, after that I increased to 20g a day for another week, and now I am taking 30g a day. However, since I am not having any "bad" reactions, i.e. diarrhea, does it mean that my system was really depleted? If I continue to tolerate high doses of C well, should I keep on increasing it?  I would appreciated any clarification you can give me.

Answer: Every individuals bowel tolerance limit will be somewhat different.  Yours is quite high.  This is most probably due to your deep-seated infection.  I would recommend that you continue to increase your dosage slowly as long as it doesn't give you any problems.  After some period of time (I know that is vague, but it is meant to be), I would expect that your tolerance level would begin to decrease, probably down to the 10-20 grams per day range, but even that is a guess.

I would also recommend that you take this much C in powder form, not tablets.  Although there is no danger from taking 30 pills every day, it is likely to bother your stomach.

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